We invite comments from professionals who teach foreign languages, especially if they have experience teaching Spanish to heritage speakers. We also welcome comments from those who teach English, either as a subject (including literature) or as a second language.

Our aim is to address the interests and needs of bilingual people, teachers of language, translation, transcription, monitoring, online course developers, and also to satisfy the curiosity of the general public about these subjects.

The bilingualism of our students is assessed through rigorous exams which have been independently evaluated by a psychometric expert and found to have an Alpha Reliability of 0.943, wherein a 1.0 is a perfect score.

Please note that TST is not in the business of teaching monolingual people a second language, so this blog space is not intended for posting grammar lessons about either English or Spanish, even though we will often refer to grammar and aspects of writing.

If you are interested in our program, or would like to have your bilingualism assessed, please visit our homepage where you can check out our FAQs and send an inquiry via email.