Translation Skills Training™ (TST) offers a program consisting of a series of six (6) classes that prepare you for a well-paying, stable, and exciting career as an Analytic Linguist. Our expert facilitators work directly with you as you progress and provide prompt feedback about your progress, suggesting how you can improve and enhance your bilingual skills in specific ways that make you valuable as a human asset and team member assisting law enforcement in criminal investigations.

Turn your street smarts along with your education, common sense, and bilingual knowledge of slang (yes, even “Spanglish”!) into an exciting, stable, and money-making career instead of just another job. Translation Skills Training™ (TST) is designed for people like you who want to monetize their heritage-speaker Spanish by focusing on the special set of skills you can master in order to become an Analytic Linguist.

You, as a bilingual person, possess untapped talents—human intelligence assets—that TST can help you develop and turn into a satisfying, profitable living by becoming an Analytic Linguist working full time, with benefits.

TST’s program is unique: there is no other internationally accredited program in the world, not even in government agencies or universities, that specifically equip a person for this elite, professional workforce. Most people who enter this line of work do so with little to no training and often burn out quickly, only to be replaced by similarly unprepared people. TST’s training prepares you for the job through its real-world focus and the hands-on, practical knowledge and skills you really need from day-one.

So, if you are bilingual, a U.S. citizen, have at least an A.A. or A.S. degree, and have a clean record, you owe it to yourself to find out if your bilingualism is optimal for TST’s training. Contact [email protected] today to get started.

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